In These Moments

In These Moments

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 Approx 80cm x 60cm (When displayed with three names)

Depending on how you choose to arrange this wall decal and how many names and dates you require will determine the area of space it takes up.

This decal is versatile as you can apply the names and dates to the wall in whatever layout you like e.g under clocks/photographs etc.

This comes in black.

Select from the drop-down menu the number of names you require and enter their details in the comments section when you checkout.

What you will receive:

  • Extremely high quality vinyl which is safe for walls and flat surfaces.
  • Easy to follow instructions on how to apply a wall decal.
  • Safely shipped product.
  • Your wall decal covered in transfer film for easy application to wall.

Suggested display areas: Living room, dining room, hallway/entrance, with baby pics and clocks.