How To Apply A Wall Decal

There are many different methods used when applying wall decals to a wall however we aim to give you simple straight forward instructions to make the process as easy and stressfree as possible. Always take your time and carefully plan out where your decal is going to be placed.

All of our decals comes with the transfer sheet already applied for you. When you receive your wall decal you should:

1. Lay it out flat for a day or so.

2. Press down over the decal using a squeegee or something similar such as a credit card.

3. Slowly peel back the top transfer sheet so that the words come off the backing paper onto the transfer sheet.
(*Please note you may need to guide some of the letters onto the transfer sheet.)

4. Make sure you have marked out where you would like your decal to go.

5.Apply the transfer sheet which now includes the words onto the wall and press down firmly.

6.Now peel back the transfer sheet leaving only the words on the wall - again some letters may require your assistance to be guided off the transfer sheet.
As your decal is already covered with the transfer film you can- if you wish cut larger decals into sections and apply for example, line by line as opposed to trying to put the whole thing on at once, or you may wish to cut into two sections and do one half at a time.

Other Important Info:

Walls should be free of dust  by using a dry clean cloth to brush over the area. Do not wash your walls as this may affect the adhesive. If your walls have been freshly painted you will need to wait at least 6-8 weeks before applying your decal to the wall.
Please take your time with applying wall decals and plan it out properly. They can be time-consuming but if done the right way your results will be perfect.

If a room has been painted with Teflon, Silicone or Wash & Wear paint you may have trouble keeping your stickers up on the wall. These types of paints are designed to be cleaned easily and to repel anything from sticking to them.

We just love receiving your photos of your wall decals and it helps others for ideas and inspiration so please send us your pics via our facebook page or email us at