What sort of vinyl do we use?

Our vinyl is sourced here in Australia from leaders in the industry. It is high in quality to ensure a smooth application and removal from your wall. It carries a removable adhesive with a matte finish.

How long will my decal last on the wall?

Up to 5 years indoors is the manufacturers specification.

Can my decal be applied to glass or in the bathroom?

Yes. The durability of our vinyl ensures it can last in wet/humid conditions. Make sure it is not directly in the path of water as this may cause it to peel off. However if placed on the shower door for example it can be wiped over/cleaned with mimimal/no issues.

Will it damage my wall?

When instructions are followed and walls are prepared accordingly most people will have no wall damage when decals are removed. Please be aware that with any decorative activity such as applying wall decals there will always be potential for wall damage. We only use the highest quality to ensure removal is as safe as possible. It is also important to take note of the condition/age of the wall you are applying the decal to as this may increase the possibility of damage when removing. Take this into consideration before purchasing.
How do I remove a wall decal?
Simply begin at the corner and gently peel off - taking your time. If you want you can use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive which will help it come away from the wall easily.

What if I have just painted my wall?

It is advised to wait at least 8 weeks before applying a decal to freshly painted walls.
Walls that have been painted using Teflon, Silicone or Wash n Wear paint may cause the adhesive on the vinyl to lose it's capability of sticking to the wall effectively.

Can I clean over my wall decal?
Yes you can wipe over it with a slightly damp sponge. Do not use strong products such as ammonia/alcohol based cleaners as these chemicals may cause the decal to peel.