Who is Emjay Alley?

Hi I am Jacqueline and my husband is Ra together we are Emjay Alley. The EMJAY part of our name is a play on our two daughters names - who begin with an M and a J and they take up the most room in our days and our hearts...Hence the name "Emjay" was born. 

During the day I work as a fulltime teacher aide delivering maths and reading interventions to primary school kids who need an extra helping hand along in their education journey and I absolutely love it. My husband works in management for a large furniture retail store. 

During our nights and weekends and school holidays we work on our other  passion - Our business Emjay Alley Wall Decals.

Our intention is to not only create long-lasting beautiful quotes for your home but to also spread messages of positivity, joy and love in both our quotes and our social media presence - an extension of our family values.

Your wall decals are made to order - so you may be waiting between 7-14 days for your order to arrive as each decal is printed, cut, and covered ever so carefully by hand.

We pride ourselves on delivering a top quality product to your door. We are not a massive wall decal operation processing hundreds of orders a day so you can rest assured that each order is treated with extra special care, consideration and gratitude! 

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Jackie, Ra, Miss M and Miss J xx.